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Mezcal Lucifer Especial


$980.00 MXN

It is from Maguey Espadín. 100% Agave. It has a double distillation in a copper alembic and has 48º Alc. Vol. Currently we use Lot 014, already certified, from the production of Maestro García Cruz.

Lucifer Especial is a mezcal made with purely artisanal processes. Its purity is total. You have to observe the pearling that is made when shaking it to recognize at first glance one of its main characteristics and attractiveness. Produced in the San Dionisio area, Ocotepec, it is manufactured by Maestro Mezcalero Justino García Cruz. He has personally taken care that each step of the process adheres to the traditional ways of artisan production.

The bottle, with a tall and slender neck, has a cork stopper topped with Bakelite and sealed with heat-sealed plastic. Generous clear spaces have been voluntarily left in the bottle that has been selected from white glass, in order to appreciate the cleanliness of the liquid.